Commercial and Residential Painting in Ringgold, GA

Homes and businesses need to be painted when new and as touch up work on a regular basis. Paint can serve a cosmetic purpose in making a building beautiful, and it serves a structural purpose by protecting certain materials.

Residential Painting in Ringgold, GA

Residential painting often focuses on design and cosmetic appeal. No homeowner can go wrong by choosing neutral colors, but can provide interest and appeal to their home if they tastefully pick out designer colors which can change by room. Different colors promote different emotions, providing an air of either relaxation and calmness or bold excitement.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting typically provides a few options, within reason of what is suitable for the neighborhood and in some cases, what is allowed by local HOA rules. The exterior provides a warm welcome to friends and guests, and adds curb appeal when the house is up for sale.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is where creative people can and do have a lot of fun and express their personality. It’s perfectly okay to choose bright vibrant colors to express a fun outgoing personality, or to choose more reserved tomes to produce a more formal environment. Well planned painting can provide room accents or take the eyes away from features which may not be as a focal point.

Pressure Washing

Exterior painting typically involves pressure washing as part of the prep work. Pressure washing provides a clean base for the new paint to adhere to, and in cases in which exceptionally old paint is cracked or peeling, pressure washing can effectively strip away the old paint. New paint always needs a solid base to go on, if old paint is peeling and simply covered with new, it’s going to continue peeling and look horrible.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing can take several forms. Refacing is an option which covers cabinet doors and frames with laminate, providing a fresh new look. Cabinets can be painted regardless of whether they were previously covered with paint or stain and varnish. One thing to remember is they are going to need at least one good coat of primer and two coats of paint in order to assure full coverage. A third option is to strip and sand older cabinets before starting over with new wood finish, whether darker or lighter than what was originally there.

Deck Refinishing

Deck refinishing is important whether standard pressure treated was used, but especially so when the deck is built of exotic specialty woods. The wood shrinks and expands throughout the year, and rain can cause it to rot after a certain amount of time and exposure, some sort of deck finish or paint is needed to protect the wood and make it last as long as possible.

Sheetrock and Drywall Repair

Interior painting often requires drywall repair as well, just to make sure the walls look nice and finished after receiving the new paint.

Commercial Painting in Ringgold, GA

Commercial painting is similar or the same as residential, other than more space is often to be painted and therefore certain techniques might be more efficient.

Exterior Painting

Commercial buildings require the exterior to look great as a representation of the companies and businesses housed within. A company can be great with the services they offer, but people are going to be distrustful if the building is old and run down. People have expectations of a building when they arrive to discuss business or make purchases.

Interior Painting

The interior of a public commercial building is just as important as the exterior, it needs to be painted in a way that makes every visitor comfortable while inspiring their confidence in the building’s offerings.

Office Space Painting

Office space, whether public or private, have their own reasons for needing to have appropriate paint jobs. It can build employee confidence to work in a nice office, if the paint is old it’s likely the offices are in need of other maintenance as well. People don’t like to work in such conditions and are less likely to perform well if their office makes them feel miserable.

Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing is performed for the same reason as residential, but again, different tools and techniques are used for what tends to be much larger buildings. More powerful sprayers are needed, and appropriate length ladders or scaffolding are going to be required.

Helpful Resources in Ringgold, GA

Ringgold, GA Land Zoning

Just like everywhere else in America, there are places in Ringgold which are more appropriate for either residential or commercial buildings. Always check with the Catoosa County Planning and Zoning Department before beginning a project or determining a new use for a renovated building.

Ringgold, GA Building Inspections

In addition to land zoning, certain building require regular inspection and new projects or additions are going to require building permits. Any reputable contractor will understand what needs such considerations and how to go about it.

Professional Painting Services in Ringgold, GA

If you need pro painting services in and around the Ringgold area, contact us online or call us at Pro Painters. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and get an estimate to you so we can get your home business back in tip-top shape.


How much will it cost to paint my home?

The expense of painting a home is determined on a case-by-case basis. Obviously, the size of the house is a consideration, as is the overall shape of the home, the condition of the current paint, and how many coats of paint are going to be needed.

Does my office need to be closed for you to paint?

That depends. We can work nights or weekends, or we can work room by room if they can be cleared out, what we can’t do is paint someone’s office while they’re sitting at their desk.

What can be cleaned with pressure washing?

Nearly anything, although it takes knowledge and experience to understand what level of pressure to use to avoid damaging certain materials.

What level of detail do you provide?

It depends on customer needs. If speed and cost are the most important factors, we can spray a room and move on. In other cases, we can use different colors by room and for the trim work.

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