Office Space Painting Northwest Georgia

Professional Office Space Painting Services
We’ll give your office a more modern look!

Do you have offices or an office building in Northwest Georgia that you’d like to have professionally painted or repainted?  Maybe you’re relocating your office to a new building and you’d like to have it painted with your colors?  Do you need to rebrand an existing business that calls for a new color scheme? Do you just want to improve the look of an existing but older office?

ProPainters is a top-rated commercial painting contractor based out of Murray County, Georgia and serving Northwest Georgia.  We specialize in painting professional offices of all types like legal offices, medical offices, professional offices, and more.  From painting a single room in your office, or the boardroom, all the way to an entirely new color scheme both inside and outside of the building, we can help you!

If you’re sitting in on office all day, (or your employees are) then you’ll probably want to have a calming color scheme, something easy on the eyes and not distracting.  We’ll present various color schemes that will compliment your existing branding and/or decor and we can match any colors you show us.

Office buildings that are always dealing with the public such as doctors offices, dentist offices, sales offices, and other types of businesses require an extra level of care and attention from their painting company because of your need to operate throughout the painting project.

Obviously if it’s new construction we’re painting this won’t be an issue, but if we’re repainting an office building while the business is open then we need to plan the project much more carefully and we’re happy to work with you to reduce downtime and hassle or inconvenience for your existing clients.  Time is of the essence!  We totally get it and work efficiently to get your project finished.

Office and Office Building Painting Includes:

  • On-site visit to go over your project.
  • Color consultations until you’re happy with the color choices.
  • Meticulous site preparation and protection of areas not to be painted.
  • Application of any base coats or primers.
  • Application of top coats and trim or accent.
  • Job walk through with you after project completion.
  • Final details and finishing work.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate for your commercial office painting project then give us a call (706) 280-2532 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back you.

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