Sheetrock Repair Northwest Georgia

Sheetrock & Drywall Repair Northwest Georgia
We can repair and finish drywall and sheetrock

Sheetrock also known as drywall works great at hiding all of the internals inside your walls and provides a nice clean finished look.  The problem with sheetrock or drywall is that's it not the most durable material, it can easily be dinged, dented, cracked, or acquire holes, and it's not always easy to fix (if you want it too look good).

Drywall and sheetrock repair inside our homes and buildings are very common projects we are often called to complete prior to having a clients home interior painted. It’s not uncommon for drywall to get dings and dents from moving furniture around, pets, door handles, or maybe one of your kids has accidentally put their foot through the wall. Whatever has happened to your drywall it can be repaired or replaced quite easily and you’ll never know there was ever a problem once it's blended with your existing paint.

ProPainters is a full service painting contractor based out of Crandall, GA.  With many years of experience in the painting industry you can feel confident that you’re hiring a team of proven professionals.  We specialize in preparing home interiors for painting and this includes drywall and sheetrock repair and finishing projects. From repairing a few scratches or dings in the drywall to replacing entire sheets or sections with holes or water damage, we'll able to help.

Repairing Drywall Includes:

  • Cutting out and removing the destroyed drywall.
  • Putting an appropriate sized piece of drywall in it’s place.
  • Fastening new drywall or patch securely to studs or framing.
  • Taping and sanding of all seams.
  • Filling over screw heads.
  • Painting to match your wall color.
  • Custom drywall texturing available too.

When we are repairing drywall it can sometimes be difficult to get an exact color match to the existing wall. This is why it’s usually a good idea to paint the entire wall with fresh paint rather than just painting over the repair. This will make the wall look like it’s never had any repairs.

If you’ve got any Drywall repair work within your home or business give ProPainters a call and we’ll come out and give you a competitive estimate along with some friendly and helpful advice on your drywall project.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate to repair or finish drywall then give us a call (706) 280-2532 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back you.

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